Comic 518 - Chapter16 PG25
4th Jun 2016, 2:25 PM in Chapter16 - Far Away
Chapter16 PG25
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Author Notes:
Zimeta edit delete
And that's how a man who couldn't forget and a woman who couldn't remember helped each other forget and remember and saved each other's lives.

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Thanks to y'all for reading! If you liked the story I only have one request: share it with some one so it keeps getting read. ^.^
User comments:
a Drop of Beauty edit delete reply
a Drop of Beauty
The amount of beauty contained in this story cannot be over stated.
So help me, I will purchase this when I have the money to so spare!
Zimeta edit delete reply
Thanks! If you're ever interested in a volume, just send me an e-mail:
Geneseepaws (Guest) edit delete reply
Gotta say, the art work was the vehicle for me. The characters were very real and lovable, (except for the creep on the park bench) but the story and the characters were vehicles that carried the Art. I swear, if there hadn't been a word of text, I'd have read the comic head to toe, start to finish, just on the art alone. Yeah the story was great, but without your perspective, proportion, sense of form, and colour work, I might not have read it. Any one page could go on my wall as art, and the other art there, would not Dare to open their mouths to sneer. Print by Klee, or litho by Benton or Degas, yeah, they would not dare sneer, and would -at worst- studded snd say, "We're famous, too!"
Gene (Guest) edit delete reply
Correction. At worst- stutter and say-
Jana Weijers edit delete reply
Jana Weijers
Thank you for making and posting this wonderful comic! The characters, the colors, the story and everything is just wonderful and it has touched me deeply.
Zimeta edit delete reply
Thank you for reading it!
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